New Years Eve 2011 at Chak89
Enjoy a sumptuous meal with a splendid variety ranging from Gujarti, Punjabi and Indian Chinese Cuisine with entertainment from H Dhami, Rishi Rich, Kspark, Dhol Players & DJ Kash!
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Chak 89 restaurant joins forces with Asda
The well known, award winning Chak 89 restaurant has joined forces with Asda to launch their very own restaurant menu cooked the restaurant way. That’s right, now you can buy traditional authentic Indian food which is cooked and tastes just like it would in a restaurant and to put a smile on cuury lovers in London, it is at supermarket prices.
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CHAK89 cater for Akshay Kumar
The CHAK89 Team cater for Bollywood Star and Top notch actor Akshay Kumar at HDS Studios, Hayes during his shoot for a commercial soon to be aired on STAR TV.

Akshay Kumar was served by CHAK89 during the Shoot. The Star was served Sushi among other dishes.
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