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Celebrities and CHAK89 are synonymous. So if you want one to grace your wedding we can make the necessary arrangements. However, please be realistic with you choice! Speak to our dedicated sales team for further details and bear in mind your choice will depend on availability. Stars that have attended weddings at CHAK89 previously include Signature, Tony Patty, Imran Khan, Rahat Fateh, Ali Khan, Jay Sean and Veronica. The choice is yours!



“This is an amazing place, I love the restaurant and the great Indian food. My Favourite is the Butter Chicken and the Prawn Curry, oh and the Chak Chicken Special was awesome. The food reminds me of home when I come here, awesome. I love my favourite table right next to Shahrukhs. The banquet halls are amazing, lovely decor; it's a kind a place people are always looking for.”
Saif Ali Khan (Bollywood Actor)

“|'m in heaven here at Chak 89 chowing down on the world's best Indian Cuisine”
David Haye (Boxer)

“Thank you so much Chak 89, The food was rather nice, great hospitality. A lovely early evening”
Neil Nitin Mukesh (Bollywood Actor)

“I heard about Chak 89 and came today and really enjoyed the food. The restaurant has a nice ambience and a wonderful decor. It's a brilliant place to eat and I recommend it to all my friends and my team mates”
Virat Kohli (Indian Cricketer)

“The food was wonderful. It was awesome food, best food in London and I miss it when I'm away”
Abhishek Bachchan (Bollywood Actor)

“A friend of mine from Mumbai recommended me the food at Chak 89 and I am glad I took his advice. Lovely food and a great restaurant”
Adnan Sami (Bollywood Singer)

“Whenever I come to London and I miss home food I always go to Chak 89. One of my favourite dishes is Chak Aloo Gobi it makes me feel Aloo Gobheish”
Ali Zafar (Bollywood Actor & Pakistani Singer)

“Wonderful, Great Dinner, Chak Chicken my favourite, great atmosphere. I love my grub as you can see, I will be back.”
Alan Brazil

“I always enjoy the food at Chak 89 my favourite dishes are Handi Gosht, Chicken Karahi and Chak Chicken Special. I would recommend to everyone”
Wasim Akram (Pakistan Cricketer)

“I really enjoy the food at Chak 89 and always visit when I'm in town”
Imran Khan (Singer)

“I've been coming to Chak 89 for a long time and I love the food at Chak 89 and I come as often as I can. I would love Chak 89 to open a branch In Mumbai or Delhi or anywhere else in India. I also like the space and find the ambience beautiful. I have recommended the restaurant to my fellow Bollywood friends. I love Chak 89 Chicken Tikka and The Chak Chicken Special. My favourite Mocktail is non alcoholic Mojito. I have a favourite table at Chak 89 which I believe there is a plaque now on the table”
Shahrukh Khan - Chak 89 Brand Ambassador (Bollywood Actor)

“I just loved the lamb, the rest of this food was out of this world”
Mumzy (R'n'B Singer)

“Great Venue, really impressed. Great food and a great atmosphere. It was buzzing out there tonight”
H Dhami (Punjabi Singer)

“I wish CHAK89 the best for their future ventures and thank you for the food”
Juhi Chawla (Bollywood Actress)

“Very nice venue, food is amazing!!! Kebabs and Samosas - Oh my god what was in there?! Great Dessert I'll come again”
Jay Sean (International Celebrity & Pop Star)

“I would like to thank CHAK89 and Mr Khalid for the great food and the great service provided”
Amitabh Bachchan (Bollywood Star)

“I love CHAK89 food and if I wasn't a singer I would love to be a Chef at CHAK89”
Juggy D (Punjabi Singer)

“Once again Khalid and his CHAK89 team have provided food and service at there great venue. We had a great turn out and my friends Mikel Obi, Emmanuel Abedayor, Yacuba and Yobi loved the venue”
Nwanko Kanu (Portsmouth Football Player)

“What an impressive venue. Thank you very much for the service and food”
David Miliband (Foreign Secretary)